eISBN: 9781603132169

Wild Side

by Laurie Lonsdale

When naive and sheltered Kelly Carrington agrees to sing back-up for a wild and worldly rock band called Chequered Past, anything can happen...and does! With a dangerous attraction to the lead singer, she finds herself doing things she never dreamed she'd do, and all too soon she's spiraling downward into the abyss of rock 'n' roll, losing herself in her new addictions and the outrageous lifestyle. With a self-destructive lead guitarist and a psychotic fan that's hell-bent on wreaking havoc for the band at every turn, Chequered Past is on the road to ruin. When tragedy strikes, Kelly and her hard-rocking bad boys come face to face with reality and realize they must make a decision as to their fate. The question is...will they be coherent enough to do so after taking a walk on the "Wild Side?" Genre: Romance / Mainstream

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About the author Laurie Lonsdale

Born June 16th, 1963 in Toronto, Canada, Laurie's strength lay in creative writing throughout her school career. She was also intrigued by the music industry, and upon graduation opted to pursue a senior management position in marketing & concert promo. Happy in her job among a slew of musicians, she never considered leaving until she was diagnosed with a sudden and serious health crisis. While undergoing treatment she returned to...

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