eISBN: 9781603135603

Whispers From The Dead [The Brimstone Conspiracy Book 2]

by Terence West

Rose Webb wasn’t given a choice. Fate, it seemed, had its own plan. After watching her family die at the hands of a trio of demonic Vampires, she was tortured, raped, and killed by them over and over again. There seemed only one way out… But that meant becoming the one thing she loathed above all else: a Vampire. In the aftermath of THE BRIMSTONE BETRAYAL, Rose's life has fallen to shambles under accusations of corruption and collusion with the enemy. Her career with the Brimstone Syndicate is in jeopardy as she's branded a rogue Vampire. Her partners, a Werewolf named Toby and a Goblin called Karl, don't trust her, and it seems everyone is hunting her.In a tale that takes Rose from the underbelly of Las Vegas to the deepest depths of her soul, she must face her past and listen to the whispers from the dead. Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal/Mystery/Suspense Read both trilling books from author Terence West! THE BRIMSTONE BETRAYAL [THE BRIMSTONE CONSPIRACY BOOK 1] WHISPERS FROM THE DEAD [THE BRIMSTONE CONSPIRACY BOOK 2]

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About the author Terence West

Terence West is the author of ten novels including the best sellers FALLEN ANGELS, DARKNESS, and CRUSADE. A Gen X refugee, he fears the day his generation will rule the world. West is currently stockpiling goods and supplies in Twin Falls, Idaho with his three dogs. Growing up near the small skiing town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado gave him a lot of time to work on his writing because of...

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