eISBN: 9781593749613

Whiskey Shots Volume 1

by Annette Snyder

As part of her TRAVIS PASS series, which include the novels SALLY MURPHY, LIBERTY ROAD, TRAVIS PASS, AND ROCK CREEK, author Annette Snyder presents two short stories for the premier volume of WHISKEY SHOTS, a new series of short stories from Whiskey Creek Press authors.
“Brass Star” —Nate Horner rides from his troubled past. Personal exile and tormented regrets forge his path. Can he find solace and forgiveness through friendships from the people of Barnhill?
“Heart Forgotten” —Karlee Dorn tries to forget painful memories of years gone by.
Tom Miller tries to remember a past forgotten. Can two lost souls bond and forge a new trail together?

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About the author Annette Snyder

After a short stint at life in big cities, my husband and I purchased my Great-Grandfather's house and moved to Brainard, Nebraska where I grew up. I've been a cook most of my life, have four kids, three grandkids, two dogs, and two cats. I have always loved writing though I didn't seriously enjoy my craft until my kids got older. It was then that I traded my diaper changing,...

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