eISBN: 9781603134392

Viveka's War

by Annette Snyder

A lifetime of struggle forces Viveka Howard to survive the Depression years, overcome absence of her wartime husband and juggle tasks of family. An accident leaves her penniless and Viveka adds responsibility of single parenting to her battles. After the death of her daughter, Viveka must conquer grief and prove her worth as a parent. She attempts to defy all odds alone. Liam Howard stands in the shadows. Holding secretive his dedication to Viveka and her children, Liam raises a family of his own. He vows to change his life for the better. Can Viveka surrender independence and rely on the support of another Howard man? With years of suppression at bay, can Liam disclose true feelings and allow another heart close? Veils of mistrust aside, will two friends unite and form a bond of love? Genre: Romance / Historical

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About the author Annette Snyder

After a short stint at life in big cities, my husband and I purchased my Great-Grandfather's house and moved to Brainard, Nebraska where I grew up. I've been a cook most of my life, have four kids, three grandkids, two dogs, and two cats. I have always loved writing though I didn't seriously enjoy my craft until my kids got older. It was then that I traded my diaper changing,...

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