eISBN: 9781593743789

Unmoving Unseen

by Frederick Krause

John Keller is seconds away from a horrible death, but dying is something he will not easily accept. John has a power that he was unaware of. A power few people possess. Through a combination of fear and an extreme degree of self-preservation, John wills himself out of his body. He is now a member of a small group unknown to the living world. He is a “Bail-out.” This can only happen if a person bails out in a moment they were sure death was eminent, but they wouldn’t have actually died. Their physical body remains in coma while they are left to wander naked and invisible until their body dies. One thing separates John from the rest of the Bail-outs. His body is not in coma. His body is walking and talking and – killing. John’s wife takes her children and goes on the run and the physical John hunts them. The real John sets out on a quest to acquire a body and stop the imposter before it’s too late. He will have to overcome dangerous obstacles and deceive trusted friends. Who will find his family first? Two men determined to affect opposing outcomes. One is driven by love and revenge, the other, by pure hatred and an uncontrollable desire to kill.

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About the author Frederick T. Krause

Fred Krause is forty four years old. He resides in Mesa Arizona. He is a Water Quality and Natural Gas Specialist and is employed by the City of Mesa. He is train in the field of Fire and Arson Investigation. He was born in Ottawa Illinois. Fred grew up in a military household, the son of Charles and Caroline Krause. He lived in England for part of his childhood, and...

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