eISBN: 9781611602050

The Rocks Beneath

by M A Walters

Humanity has become a despot lot, controlled now by the once disembodied Minders. The disembodied are now taking form and gaining power. Gilta, one of the disembodied, is ready to wage war against the last of Crootu’s human rebels. Their sparks will ignite the world around them.
The planet Crootu is beautiful, yet baneful. Its moods shift from killing pollen blooms to vast dry wastelands with their very old and strange rocks beneath; a haunted wasteland that affect the consciousness and the dreams of all. Around Crootu’s equator runs the ‘slip,’ a fast moving ring of particle energy wind that Command employs to hide and move its’ ships within. This slip is now being taken charge by something old…and deadly. Between these far and strange places, humanity dances the dance of life and death while remembering better times and daring to hope for new ones.

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