eISBN: 9781611606287

The Purpose

by Joshlyn Racherbaumer

When Audrey Landrow finds herself alone, beaten down and living in fear, she has two choices. She can succumb once more to the perpetual abuse and control of her ex-boyfriend, or she can turn the key to a new adventure, free from her worrisome past. All signs point to freedom as she moves to a new place, changes her number and starts anew. She has spent years tucked under the thumb of the devil’s distant cousin and for once, her life story is hers alone to write. Without any expectations, she tries her hand at various measures in life --- determined to find what suits her. When the bottom finally drops out and Audrey finds herself inevitably back at square one, the truth inside emerges and she is able to see the sweet silver lining to friends found, loves lost and the ability to simply breathe once more. She is the key to happiness and whatever passion she falls for, it will be her choice.

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About the author Joshlyn Racherbaumer

“My soul belongs tucked inside the pages of an extraordinary novel.” Whether reading or writing, Joshlyn Racherbaumer has found the key ingredient to a beautiful life. While enjoying the riches of God’s abundant glory, she lives in St. Louis, MO, with her very own Prince Charming and her three babies: two kitties and a dog. By day she works in marketing and by night she is enveloped...

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