eISBN: 9781611606782

The Nibelung Gold

by Koos Verkaik

The end of the nineteenth century—the rich have great interest in the occult; tables dance everywhere, and ghosts speak in many a darkened room.
Wolf can make or break reputations in the field of spiritism. A one-man inquisition, hunting for the truth, he makes the inexplicable explicable, or gives it the benefit of the doubt until he finally sees through the trick. When he discovers that certain phenomena seem to be real, his heart overflows with enthusiasm.
His name fits perfectly; like a wolf he follows every track leading to solving complex riddles. His wealth opens doors wide for him.
Then he decides to find out what happens when more than a dozen mediums concentrate on the same thing at the same time. Big troubles—Wolf seems to be the victim of the occult! He finds himself in a mesmerizing world where the intriguing story of the Nibelung Gold seems to be a fact.

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About the author Koos Verkaik

Koos Verkaik is a true master in his genre: Mystery, Adventure and Magic. He published over fifty different titles, both novels for adults and children’s books. He works hard on a new series of children’s books, ALEX AND THE WOLPERTINGER, sold in Europe and Canada. He wrote his first novel, a scifi, when he was only eighteen years old, during a weekend; it was published immediately—he was only sixteen when...

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