eISBN: 9781611602098

The Murders of Anonymity

by Michael Sol Pollens

When Kurt Larsen is hired to investigate embezzlement at Boston’s latest entry into the fast-moving world of home-finance, he expects little more than an opportunity to take down some white-collar, rich-man wannabe, while paying something on account to his “credit-card company, two girlfriends, ex-wife, and bartender.” But the theft of hundreds of thousands has only opened the door into New World Mortgage’s labyrinth of secrets. Soon after the case begins, Karina Miller, the company’s beautiful young accountant, is found strangled in her apartment. Crime follows bloody crime as Larsen and State Police Detective Stewart travel the seamy, underworld streets. They encounter high-class prostitution, stylish confidence games, and high-flying financial fraud. It’s a nightmarish pursuit of a vicious mind whose path is strewn with uncontrollable lusts and unholy pleasures, even as the killer remains hidden in the polyester-like fabric of everyday life in corporate America.

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About the author Michael Sol Pollens

Michael Sol Pollens Is Massachusetts Private Detective P–376. Born on September 11, 1958, he is a graduate of the University Of Massachusetts, Boston, and a detective since 1980. Michael Sol was for many years one of the city’s most sought-after detectives, employed upon the area’s most notable fraud, embezzlement, corruption, and murder defense investigations. In 2007, after three years spent in grueling Public Defense work, Michael Sol turned to literary...

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