ISBN: 9781611608618
eISBN: 9781611606959

The Mangled Spoon

by Joan Mauch

THE MANGLED SPOON is about what happens when evil finds a home in the Catholic Church.

Cello-playing psychiatrist Marcus Rukeyser has a problem: Miss Jane, his newest patient is catatonic. Discovered foraging for food in a dumpster clutching a curiously damaged antique spoon, Rukeyser learns she’s connected to three dead or missing nuns from a prominent Chicago parish. With only two weeks until she’s committed to a state mental institution, authorities make it clear they'll go to any lengths to prevent him from uncovering the ugly truth—including destroying his career, his home and potentially his life. This novel by author Joan Mauch is by turns frightening and thought provoking.

“Magnificent! A plot so creepy you’ll swear you feel the spiderwebs, and a heroine so compelling you’ll wish you were her best friend. Don’t miss this sure to be best-seller by Joan Mauch.” —Shane Gericke, best-selling author of TORN APART

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About the author Joan Mauch

Joan Mauch has a varied background ranging from teaching and working for nonprofit organizations advocating for the poor, to a career in marketing and public relations. Over the years her nonfiction has appeared in a wide variety of publications. Joan has been composing fiction for over a decade. She works part time as a proofreader at the Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus newspapers in Moline, Illinois. Joan has a bachelor’s degree...

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