eISBN: 9781611600469

The Life He Never Knew

by Ryan T Petty

Thomas has war fever in 1862 as he marches towards the Yankee invaders in Tennessee. But his accidental run into a beautiful Southern Belle makes him question his own motives for being in the war, his thoughts on slavery, secession, and his own death.. Troubled by his emotions and in learning of the death of one of his brothers at Wilson’s Creek, he’s also wounded in a small skirmish with Louisiana Unionists. Now only being carried by the camaraderie of his fellow Texas soldiers, he and his regiment march towards southern Tennessee to meet an unknown Northern enemy next to a small community and church named Shiloh, where Thomas will learn what it means to give all you can for your country. Will Thomas survive the battle to make it home again, or will this be the life he never knew?

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About the author Ryan T. Petty

Ryan Petty is a high school social studies teacher in Northeast, Texas. Teaching for ten years, he holds his Masters in History from Texas A&M-Commerce. For over a dozen years, Ryan has participated in the hobby of Civil War reenacting, traveling throughout east Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana with his unit the 36th Texas Cavalry. He and his wife Megan have one child together.

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