eISBN: 9781611603170

The Devil's Crown [The Johnny Walker Series]

by Gary Towner

Johnny Walker is asked by an old friend, Karl Baumstark, to come rescue him from marauding rebels that have taken him and his granddaughter, Heather, hostage. The rebel leader has learned the archeological dig Baumstark was working on just might harbor a biblical relic, a tiara called the Devil’s Crown. Legend has it that the wearer will gain supernatural powers endowed by the devil himself. With plans of universal domination, the lizard eyed Basil Crump believes Walker is the only hope he has of making Baumstalk tell where to look for the find, but he harbors an unyielding grudge against Walker that makes him as dangerous as nitroglycerin left out in the sun.

When Walker arrives on the scene he soon finds out Crump is the least of his problems; Baumstark’s flirtatious granddaughter is smitten with him. Walker must keep reminding himself she is only sixteen years old. Worse yet, when he finds the accursed Crown inside a cave, Walker is unable to resist trying it out. Instantly he loses all self-control and he tries to force Heather to submit to the unthinkable. Heather nearly brains Walker attempting to escape. She later fears she killed him.

So ends Walker’s last Adventure… or is it only the beginning of an even greater adventure?

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About the author Gary Towner

Starting with a 1980 creative writing class at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, I have felt the need to write adventure novels. Toward that end I have studied under mentors John Tigges, Carolyn Banks, and many others. Also, I have completed a number of correspondence writing courses to better learn the craft. I loved the Allan Quartermain series and have written a number of adventure novels in...

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