eISBN: 9781603131223

The Brimstone Betrayal [The Brimstone Conspiracy Book 1]

by Terence West

Rose Webb isn't the chosen one. She just has a job to do. Part hunter, killer, and public relations agent, Rose is a Brimstone Syndicate Seeker. It's her responsibility to ensure that no humans learn of the Syndicate's existence, and all Inhumans are obeying the laws. Unfortunately she is also a one hundred and thirty year old vampire, and that is easier said than done. Humans still consider those things that go bump in the night just a myth, and the Brimstone Syndicate will do anything to keep it that way. A botched operation to clean out a nest of illegal vampires leads Rose and her partners, a young werewolf and a pissy goblin, directly into a confrontation with powers that threaten to subvert the Syndicate. Rose must use her connections in the underworld to investigate, unravel, and solve the mystery and not everyone, or everything, is as it seems.

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About the author Terence West

Terence West is the author of ten novels including the best sellers FALLEN ANGELS, DARKNESS, and CRUSADE. A Gen X refugee, he fears the day his generation will rule the world. West is currently stockpiling goods and supplies in Twin Falls, Idaho with his three dogs. Growing up near the small skiing town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado gave him a lot of time to work on his writing because of...

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