eISBN: 9781611603798

Take Me On A Safari A Family Affair

by Anthony Mauro

A compelling and one of a kind chronicle of a husband, wife, their teenage son, young daughter, and “grand mom” on safari in rural South Africa. This is the unforgettable memoir of the Mauro family, swept from their daily routines in suburbia U.S.A. and thrust into the center of adventure, drama and suspense in a remote corner of the Dark Continent. The experience strengthened family bonds, exposed them to the wonders of an ancient land and laid witness the timeless rituals of wildlife. This uniquely written account also includes the unedited thoughts of family members as taken from their diaries.

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About the author Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr., is chairman and cofounder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation, and New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects. Each of these nonprofit organizations is doing exceptional yeoman work for environmental stewardship. Mr. Mauro is a celebrated activist for outdoor issues and an accomplished educator of the precepts of conservation. Mr. Mauro was instrumental in forming the New Jersey...

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