eISBN: 9781611606027

T.Y.M.E. Interrupted

by Robert A. Williams Sr.

Buried under barren Nevadan desert lies a machine designated T.Y.M.E. This marvel transports people through the millennia of the past. A scientific team sent to 1212 BC Egypt, discovers a mysterious and powerful element never before known that could profoundly benefit civilization. The team is attacked and forced to flee back to the future. A fearless Special Forces officer leads a second mission of Rangers back three thousand four hundred years years to recover the element. As the expedition passes through the transit Portal, a saboteur causes the teams to be lost in time without communications. Despite harrowing encounters and death the teams are united only to be captured by Pharaoh Ramesses the Great and subjected to cruelty and torture. With the help of Queen Nefertari, the Commander fights his way through the palace to rescue his team and find the strange element. Facing impossible odds, the Commander must defeat the ancient Egyptians or be lost in the dust of history.

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