eISBN: 9781633556003

Surviving The Endgame

by Alan Moss


A Presidential Election Becomes a Deadly Contest Between International Conspirators And Those Seeking Their Destruction

Rob Taylor is back in Madison, Wisconsin ready to restart his life. Married to the woman who saved him from an assassin’s bullet, and enrolled in medical school, he has put the past behind. Last year’s drowning death of the exchange student who captured his heart and his perilous quest for revenge by infiltrating the international conspiracy responsible are history. With its leader dead and the New York Times ready to expose the conspiracy’s record of criminal deeds, Rob is confident that married life and a medical career will provide a satisfying future.

But his optimism is short lived. Soon, he learns that the series of articles that would put him in the clear was shelved while a new, vicious CEO has assumed leadership of the conspiracy. A chilling knock on their apartment door starts a daring escape from professional killers with capabilities usually reserved for U.S. intelligence services. With the leading presidential candidate under the CEO’s thumb, the conspirators will do anything to propel him into the world’s most powerful office, including the use of a secret drone base and mass killings.

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About the author Alan L. Moss 

Alan L Moss is a unique and emerging voice in the thriller genre. His writing draws upon Ph. D. research capabilities and many years in Washington D.C. as a federal Chief Economist, Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate, and Adjunct Instructor at the University of Virginia's Northern Virginia Center. In 2002, he put his government career aside and moved to the Jersey Shore to pursue his writing. His published novels...

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