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by Krista Janssen

Krista Janssen’s highly acclaimed talent for combining adventure and romance with historical accuracy are a delight for fans who enjoy a fast-paced, sensual read. After a brief hiatus while relocating to Florida, Krista is back with her best novel yet – SILVERSWORD – a dramatic new mainstream romance with a magnificent ranch setting on the Big Island of Hawaii

A young and determined Paris McKinsey is fighting to keep her huge newly inherited ranch, SILVERSWORD, intact for the benefit of her mother’s people, the native Hawaiians on the Big Island. She is up against the powerful haoles in Honolulu and desperately making changes to avoid bankruptcy.

In San Francisco, wealthy dashing entrepreneur, Alan Sakura, has been ordered by his aging Japanese grandfather to purchase SILVERSWORD at any price. Alan doesn’t know that his grandfather has close ties to the Japanese warlords in Tokyo and intends to acquire the ranch to use as a base during the secret planned invasion of the Hawaiian Islands.

Paris and Alan seem to be at cross-purposes, but their love for each other cannot be denied. Alan finds he is irresistibly attracted to the heritage of his own Hawaiian grandmother, a heritage he learns to cherish, as his love for Paris blooms in the exquisite environment of hidden valleys and secret pools on the island. Their passions explode even as they are swept into conflict by powerful opposing forces and the winds of war. Theirs is a love worth fighting for, in a world where freedom is threatened and grave danger awaits.

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About the author Krista Janssen

Enjoying writing since age twelve, when she first penned a short story for publication, Krista Janssen received her college degree in Fine Arts and English from the Univer-sity of Oklahoma. She currently lives in Florida with her husband, Robert, and their precocious pup, Amber, who di-rects traffic in their household. When not writing, Krista en-joys gardening, golfing and romantic beach walks along nearby Atlantic shores.

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