eISBN: 9781611606423

Riders In The Sunlight

by Kent S Brown

When the door was opened, Coach looked into the bloodshot eyes of a scruffy face he remembered from years ago, Isaac Marlow.
“Justice is justice , depending on who’s dishing it out,” Isaac said, “You dished it out your way ten years ago. Now, I’m ready to serve some justice of my own. Different ways of hurting a man. Maybe through others, like his woman-folk, or children-folk.”
The reaction was sudden and unexpected; Coach brought his knee up into Isaac’s groin like a catapult.

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About the author Kent S. Brown

I grew up in the country where I worked on dairy farms, beef farms, and learned to train horses. The horses were fresh from the Colorado range and raw. I began writing stories in school. I was a freelance writer for a time, working for an agricultural magazine and a hunting publication. I became a truck driver for a decade and worked for a security company. In my security work,...

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