eISBN: 9781593743543

Perfect Timing

by Crystal Inman

Rachel Brooks is a small-town librarian. She is finally content in her life. She has a nice house and good job. She spends her days reading, gardening, and loving Pumpkin, the cat who would be queen.
Kyle McClain enters the library and turns Rachel’s life upside down. The handsome man with impeccable manners wants to live with her. He claims he is doing a study that will ensure his career. The study is all about Rachel.
Rachel lets Kyle into her life under certain conditions. But when she sees his form emerging from her hallway wall, all bets are off. Or are they?
Kyle is from the future. Rachel comes to accept this, and they grow closer. But problems arise. Kyle is not matched, and refuses to become attached to Rachel. She has no place in his life. But the heart has a mind of its own. In any time.

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About the author Crystal Inman 

Crystal Inman is a prolific author who likes to push the boundaries of writing. She writes Contemporary, Paranormal, Time Travel, Erotic, and Fantasy Romance. Many of her novels are bestsellers and continue to enchant readers. She’s written about love in the world of Virtual Reality. Love that won’t be denied even through the decades. Love that conquers the harshest of curses. And love that sees through the façade to the...

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