eISBN: 9781633557758

Perfect Killer [Detective Scrimple Book 3]

by Valerie Goldsilk

Scrimple, a former Hong Kong police inspector, is enjoying his job running the Bangkok office of an English trading firm. Until the day his old boss, Assistant Commissioner Bottle, turns up asking for a favour.

Reluctantly Scrimple agrees. All he has to do is buy an apartment for a girl whom he assumes is Bottle’s Thai mistress. Bottle even hands him a briefcase full of cash.

But when Scrimple goes to view the apartment, he finds a dead body. And soon he is being framed not only for this murder, but four more.

The more he ducks, dives and runs, the worse things get for him, until he can think of only one solution. He has to ask for help from a man who scares him more than anyone he has ever met in his life: another former Hong Kong policeman—the Perfect Killer.

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About the author Valerie Goldsilk

Valerie Goldsilk is English and has been living and working in Hong Kong for nearly twenty years. Writing novels, often set in the dynamic business environment of the modern Far East, allows her to unwind from a stressful job in the garment industry.

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