eISBN: 9781611602487

Lost World

by Matthew Stanley

Lost World, is a political thriller with a twist: the protagonist is a strong, female pacifist. Tessa Thurston is enjoying a pre-wedding vacation with her fiancé Corbin Carswell at a five-star resort, when a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks occur across the US. Tessa is touring the underground bunker of The Lost Springs Resort, when the bunker—a supposedly decommissioned safe site utilized by the Vice President in the event of war—locks down, trapping Tessa with a few of her friends and handsome tour guide Sam Houston. Tessa and Sam soon discover that there is a second, secret part of the bunker where a covert militia has been training for a political takeover opportunity, such as these terrorist attacks. Tessa must fight for what she believes in when she learns that her beloved Corbin isn’t just a wealthy banker, but a key figure in an international plan to strip the US of her power and create a New World Order.

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About the author Matthew Stanley

This is the third book published by Matthew Stanley. Other titles include; Be a Hero! The Quest for Authentic Leadership, and Making Love with God. His non-fiction articles have been published in The State Journal, a business publication with circulation throughout West Virginia. He has received numerous regional and national awards for advertising, sales and marketing. He is a corporate leadership and sales trainer and is President and C.E.O. of...

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