eISBN: 9781611603866

Letter Home

by Jacqueline McGuyer

After leaving seminary in Scotland against his father’s wishes, a young boy lands on the shores of America in 1859. In 1861, he gives up his British protection and with six of his friends, joins the Confederate Army. The boy marches for months through mud and rain, travels standing shoulder-to-shoulder in crowded trains. They take rear guard so often they call themselves the DRAG—Damn Rear Ass Guard. A Yankee bullet explodes in his left ankle at The Battle of Seven Pines. The doctor takes his left leg in Richmond Virginia. He’s a man now, he takes a wife. An explosion at Browns Island Laboratory takes the son of his wife’s best friend. The army takes her friend to jail for instigating the Richmond Bread Riots. He takes his wife home to Texas. After building his church, He must now decide his fate as a pastor, husband, father and son. Will the mail finally take William Copeland’s Letter Home to Scotland?

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About the author Jacqueline McGuyer

Published (First Novel) Blood Secrets-Inspirational/Romance-January 2007 The Java Pump (Second Novel) Inspirational/Mystery Suspense-October 2008 Honorable Mention-Writer’s In the Spirit Contest – His Pure White Light Honorable Mention-Colorado Gold Contest – In the Shadow of the Valley While raising four children she got her degree in accounting in Houston, Texas. As an accountant, she worked in the oil industry and the hospitality industry. When she got tired of counting...

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