eISBN: 9781611606010

Left In Silence

by Sherri Lee Claytor

When Troy Altmann and his parents become stranded in a haunting valley, they discover an abandoned village with one lone inhabitant, a peculiar boy named Danivar. But what is the truth surrounding this forsaken individual?

Many questions linger as strange and unexplained events awaken Troy to the fact that he is somehow linked to a legend and curse set in motion long ago. He has been lured into the midst of supernatural forces, where spirits linger and time stands still, haunted by the valley's dark past. But could he be the key to unlocking the age-old curse?

In all things that be, there are many powers, some good and some evil. And in the Valley of the Shadow, Troy will soon come to learn that he should, most assuredly, fear the evil dwelling 'neath the cursed hollow. For the spirits are stirring, calling to Troy, awaiting the fate of one lost soul...left in silence.

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About the author Sherri Lee Claytor

Sherri Lee Claytor grew up in a small town in Southwest Florida where she still resides. She has always enjoyed romantic stories and ghostly tales, and now writes in the genres she loves: paranormal romance, dark fantasy, and supernatural thrillers. Visit her website at, and feel free to look her up on social networking sites including Goodreads and Facebook where she frequents.

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