eISBN: 9781611608038

In the Path of Hurricanes

by Ann Bezayiff

Three years after the destructive 1900 Galveston, Texas Hurricane, Amie Anders is unexpecteddly summoned to the Houston law office of her friend and lawyer, Loman Nurge. As she waits impatiently to learn the reason for this mysterious meeting, she reflects back upon her life.

Growing up in the post-Civil War era along the Buffalo River in Tennessee, she barely survives her dysfunctional upbringing. A distant cousin, Harry Aylett, finds her in squalor and rescues her from hunger and deprivation, but being her benefactor isn’t all he’s interested in. A deep abiding love develops between the two, and somehow they manage to keep their secret relationship hidden from Harry’s wife Hattie.

When the Galveston Hurricane destroys everything, the four friends face an unknown future. Even as they restructure their lives, they experience more personal tragedy. And now the unimaginable is about to occur in Amie’s life.

To hide her deepest, darkest secret from those she loves, Amie must give up her identity, become Amma Geary and create a whole new life for herself far from Houston and her friends. But when her secrets are revealed, her deceptions exposed, lives are turned upside down, including hers. Is she strong enough to survive? Will she endure or be destroyed in the winds of her own personal hurricane?

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About the author Ann Marie Bezayiff

Ann Marie Bezayiff is a graduate of the University of Washington at Seattle, Washington. An educator, columnist, speaker and author, she is the author of, Recycled Recipes from Vintage Boxes, an Internet blog and two columns—Mountain Talk and Olives to Apples, which appear on-line and in newspapers. She has published two books—From the Olive Orchard and Weaving a Spiritual Life. Currently she lives with her husband David in western Maryland...

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