eISBN: 9781611606058


by Chris E Hagler

“Hindsight” begins three hundred years after a biochemical disaster that decimates the global population. Ruby Williams, along with her friends, Matthew and Rachel, struggle to exist in the harsh world that remains. The three of them are the only survivors of a raid on their small village by human traffickers. Traffickers take people against their will and force them to help rebuild for a new nation taking over part of what was once the United States.

After escaping the slavers, the friends stumble upon an ancient experimental technology that allows them to witness the past and eventually make contact with the inventor of the device. They then hatch a plan to thwart the catastrophe that occurred three decades earlier. As the inventor travels in the past, Ruby and her friends try to evade packs of giant wild dogs and capture by an ambitious empire in order to set the world back as it was.

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About the author Chris E. Hagler

Chris E. Hagler resides in Boaz, Alabama with his wife and two sons. He is an active member of his church and enjoys great fiction. He published “The Rose and the Redwood” and “Lioneyes” as earlier fantasy works and continues to write (in his spare time at night when everyone else is asleep).

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