eISBN: 9781611606157

Hell's Gunman

by Robert Coward

By 1884, Mission, Arizona was a dying town. It had once shown promise as a commercial center between Mexico and the territory, but when the railroad connected Los Angeles to Deming, New Mexico, its fortunes began to wane. A tragic event forced Mission’s sheriff of eight years, Jed Dunston, to turn in his badge and leave behind the woman he loves. Weeks later, a timely message from Mission informed him of an unspeakable evil that gripped the town and imperiled everyone he’d once protected. Almost sixty years old and lacking confidence in his abilities as a lawman, Jed fights against the inner fears that haunt him. However, the former lawman doesn’t hesitate in his decision. He rides back to Mission with a ragtag posse to face a pitiless, bloodthirsty outlaw and his band of cutthroats. If anyone in Mission is to survive, he’ll have to face...Hell’s Gunman.

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About the author Robert Coward

Robert Coward is a native Texan and resides in Houston. His travels span the globe, having visited every habitable continent save for Australia. He has sailed the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the South China Sea. Mr. Coward lived several years in London and wrote Hell’s Gunman in the shadow of Big Ben. He’s been married to Carel Paulena Johnson for thirty-five years and has two...

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