eISBN: 9781611602111

Ghost Fishing

by Mike Ryan

As the big 5-0 approaches, Mark Fitzgerald decides to track down five ghosts from his past. They include his best man, a student government ally, a rival from graduate school, a boss who hated him, and his senior prom date.
His wife Kelly gives her approval, but she warns the newspaperman that this mission may disappoint him.
His best friend has been AWOL since Fitzgerald’s wedding. He has missed their friendship.
While in college, Fitzgerald discovered that an ally backed the candidate who defeated him for presidential reelection.
In grad school Fitzgerald clashed with a classmate, who the faculty considered the next Woodward/Bernstein.
In his first job Fitzgerald felt that this editor ripped his copy to shreds without any discussion.
Lastly, the birthday boy wants to know what happened to the girl who he took to the senior prom.
What Mark Fitzgerald discovers will upset him, confound him, and surprise him. Some folks favor solitude; others savor their memories.

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About the author Mike Ryan

A Boston native, Mike Ryan was taken by his mother to the public library in the third grade and was mesmerized. Sometimes he read his pleasure book when he should’ve been paying attention in class. Since then he earned an undergraduate degree in history with minors in secondary education and English from Boston State College and a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University. Ryan wrote for high school and...

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