eISBN: 9781611606348

Full Dark A Novel Of The Hidden

by Ty Lawrence

Hunted and unable to protect herself, a sorceress named Ashlyn struck a deal with the embodiment of her worst fears, an ancient and powerful vampire named Brennen. In exchange for that protection, Brennen demands blood, and over the years he has grown addicted to the rush of magic inside her veins.

They live in a dangerous underground of monsters and supernatural beings. This community, collective known as The Hidden, has only one rule: remain hidden.

Ashlyn discovers she’s being followed by a young detective named Hayden, who seems to know she isn’t human. Forced to play double agent between two rival factions of The Hidden, she desperately tries to protect Hayden before he follows her into the middle of a supernatural civil war.

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About the author Ty Lawrence

Ty Lawrence is an oil painter and art school dropout in Oklahoma City, who loves all things supernatural and science fiction. She lives with her husband Jay, daughter Sairen, and smokes an electronic cigarette as if the thing was packed with heroin. You can find information about her and the world of The Hidden online at Visit Ty Lawrence website here.

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