eISBN: 9781611603903

Forever In Vein

by Jody R. LaGreca

Forever In Vein explores the dazzling, yet cruel world of Victorian New England where tradition backfires with bloodthirsty malevolence. The Danube family move into Lakeview, an estate in Boston, Massachusetts. Teenage sisters, Delilah and Brittany, find an antique locket and diary, circa 1895, which reveal intrigue about former inhabitants.

In1895 — Ludwing Von Vanderblatt, a one-hundred-fifty year old vampire — attends Becky Williams’ Debutante Ball at Lakeview. The handsome stranger charms Becky and her parents, Harrison and Lady Georgia, before luring Becky outside for his just desserts, which bind Becky to Ludwing for all eternity. Just as Ludwing is beholden to the beguiling Gretchen Talbot, a vampire from the cursed hamlet of Dudleytown, known for its compilation of British and American history with ties to King Henry VIII. Harrison Williams takes a journey to the Vanderblatt farmhouse in Quakertown, Pennsylvania searching for answers — when a chain of events unfurl dark secrets …

“Jody R. LaGreca’s Forever In Vein is an incredible mixture of history and mystery, scares and sensuality—all packed into one vampire novel. I love it!”
-- Michael McCarty “Horror Author” and five time Bram Stoker finalist

“Forever In Vein is a sly, seductive tale of dark passion and timeless lust. Jody LaGreca crafts her tale with great skill and confidence, creating an elegant Gothic world of black-velvet decadence. Hollywood, turn this into a movie pronto!” -- Mark McLaughlin, Bram Stoker Award-winner and author of Beach Blanket Zombie

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About the author Jody R. LaGreca

Jody Riva LaGreca, also published as J. R. LaGreca, was born in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, New York’s first gated community. She is an award-winning poet and the author of seven novels, including Afternoon Tea and Suburban Weird. Her latest publication is a Vampire Saga titled Bloodless, co-authored with Horror Author Michael McCarty and published by Whiskey Creek Press with an upcoming sequel titled Bloodlust. Her novels have received five star...

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