eISBN: 9781603134439

Footsteps in Treetops

by Bennett Cole

Murdered! Yes, murdered! Her body left lying on the Wildwood Trail.In Radnor, a small Virginia mountain town, twelve-year-old Marvin McKenzie and his Junior Commando gang attempt to lead normal lives on the homefront as WWII rages on. But their peace is fractured when one of the gang finds the body on the Wildwood Trail, the kids’ favorite haunt.When the older brother of one of the gang’s members is erroneously charged with the murder, the Commandos resolve to try to “crack the case.” But the intrusion in Marvin’s life caused by an “older” (fourteen) precocious neighborhood girl, her alcoholic father and her terminally ill and demented grandmother, coupled with various Commando escapades, temporarily sidetrack Marvin and his cohorts.They nevertheless persist in their sleuthing, and in a spine-tingling conclusion as the murderer chases Marvin through the Wildwood forest at night, he falls through space and… Genre: Historical Fiction /Mystery / Mainstream

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About the author Bennett Cole

A 1954 graduate of the University of Virginia, Bennett Cole served three years as a U.S. Navy officer aboard an aircraft carrier, then spent 35 years in teaching. Holding the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, he has taught at the University of Delaware, Virginia Tech, and Florida Southern College. He has published professional and inspirational articles and one short story. Married, the father of three daughters, and the grandfather of eight...

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