eISBN: 9781603137676

Courting Scandal [The Bliss Society Book 2]

by Donna McAteer

Meet the daring ladies of The Bliss Society. They want what their husbands give their mistresses… pleasure. The Bliss Society is at it again. But this time Darcy, Francine and Corina may be getting in over their heads as they attempt two rescues at the same time. The innocent yet clumsy Isabel Lawrence has tumbled headlong into the life of the notorious Ice Earl, Jordan Lennox, and right into the vicious gossip pages. And then there’s the plight of Cecily, trapped in a loveless marriage with Simon Hammond, Viscount Byford. Not only was the marriage never consummated, Cecily’s father is determined to put an end to the relationship by taking his daughter back to America. As always, more than sex and marriage are at stake as The Bliss Society uncovers some family secrets and a scandalous affair sure to unhinge the ton. Genre: Romance/Historical Fiction Read the series by Donna McAteer and Catherine Stang! MORE THAN A WIFE [BLISS SOCIETY SERIES] COURTING SCANDAL [BLISS SOCIETY SERIES]

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About the author Donna McAteer

Donna has always been a voracious reader of romance. But her background in Art History and painting led her to discover a joy in creating her own stories of romantic regency England and showcased her great passion for the medieval period. She resides in sunny Florida with her husband of twenty-nine years, a daughter and one massive German Shepherd named Force. A married son lives in Houston, but is...

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