eISBN: 9781681461410

Blood Visions

by Maryann Weston

After a car crash nearly claims her life, Fortuna Cavalieri is cursed with a psychic link to evil which she numbs with the help of a bottle of whiskey.

When serial killer Brandon Keys goes on his murderous rampage, Fortuna is drawn into the edges of his macabre world. Every time Keys kills, Fortuna knows because her psychic link is activated.

Keys has also been blessed with second sight – the ultimate gift for an efficient killer and he’s coming for Fortuna.

It’s only with the help of washed up ex-cop Danny Manchester that Fortuna stands any chance of staying alive… but somewhere between a new dawn, blood red sunset, and an ex-cop finding himself again, Fortuna discovers the courage to fight back.

It’s a showdown with a high price. Who will survive to see the dawn?

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About the author Maryann Weston

Maryann Weston is a professional writer and communicator, working in private enterprise and for government. She lives in the rural town of Goulburn, Australia. She has been writing all her life across many mediums and for many purposes. Maryann has written for newspapers including feature, news and legal stories, and for government, niche magazines, websites and social media campaigns. She has developed, led and implemented countless communications strategies for...

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