eISBN: 9781633557451

Black Cloud Rising: Chrysalis

by Darrel Sparkman

Colton Blaine had it all. A great job in scenic Springfield, MO, a new house in suburbia, a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. Then fuel supplies ran out and the delivery trucks stopped running. No long haul deliveries? No food. Most cities had only a two-week supply of food on the shelves. The nightmare had just begun.

Law enforcement and the National Guard crumbled before the organized gangs. The city and countryside became a funeral pyre of desperate, starving people with no hope, nowhere to go and nothing left to do but die. Zombies? Nope, just plain folks like you and me.

Fast paced and raw, CHRYSALIS is the story of one man’s journey from despair to triumph, and what he became to get there.

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About the author Darrel Sparkman

Darrel writes for his own enjoyment, and started with poetry and essays. Some limited success, and a supportive family, encouraged him to stay with it, although writing time was limited by work and family responsibilities. Early in his career, Darrel served in the Navy, training to hunt submarines, then went to Vietnam for combat search and rescue. After that, he spent 17 years as a volunteer medic with an ambulance...

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