eISBN: 9781603131339


by David E Greske

Something evil…

To save his failing marriage, Jim Anderson moves his family to Prairie Rest, Wisconsin where he has bought a house that is in dire need of repair. Thinking restoring the home with his wife, Diane, will mend their shattered relationship, he soon discovers he’s purchased more than just a parcel of land and an old building.

In the woods on his property is a cave where evil lives; and after a series of tragic events, Anderson knows that to insure his survival, as well as the town’s, he must join forces with the town elders. Armed with the tools of the Lord, the group enters the place where evil dwells and the battle between good and evil begins.

…has been unleashed

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About the author David Greske

Raised in rural Wisconsin, David E. Greske grew up watching the Saturday afternoon creature features. He has been writing horror stories since t he age of seven and one of his first literary endeavors was a rip-off of a Dark Shadows episode. Since then his works have appeared in several magazines and anthologies. David currently makeshis home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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