eISBN: 9781611603231

A Cure For The Condition

by Amy Croall

When seventeen-year-old Catherine assumes the throne as Queen of Cannary following her mother's murder, she is forced to punish the man she loves, but when she develops a serious heart disease, the only cure for her condition may be the truth. "Romance, adventure, danger and passion-A Cure For The Condition is a terrific debut novel from an exciting new author. Readers will love Amy Croall." -Leigh Bridger, author of Soul Catcher.

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About the author Amy Croall

Amy Croall has been writing since the tender age of ten, helping her father put together and illustrate short children’s stories about ducks and frogs playing in the swamp. She now lives with her husband and cat in the mountains of Northern California. To her husband, she dedicates all her success, because, without him, Malcolm and Catherine would never have been born. Visit Amy Croall website here.

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