eISBN: 9781633557659

A Bought Bride

by Agnes Alexander

Middle-aged widower and millionaire playboy Quinton Kincade stands to lose his chain of department stores if he doesn’t find and marry a woman with the qualifications his father put in his will. The marriage has to last at least one year. With no escape clause, he and his lawyer set out to find a woman who can be enticed with enough money to marry him.

Jillian Lockland lost most of her assets when her husband divorced her and left her almost penniless. She has maxed out her credit cards and only has a part-time job which doesn’t come close to covering all her bills. When she sees a newspaper ad for an unusual job in the Blue Ridge Mountains, she never suspects she’s applying to become a wife.

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About the author Agnes Alexander

I have held many jobs in my lifetime, but have always considered writing my career. While in the business world, I managed to write and sell over 400 articles, poems and short stories for magazines and news paper. During this time, I toyed with writing novels, but those efforts are now tucked away in my files. In 1999 I started my first mystery novel. It was published in 2004 and...

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