ISBN: 9781611605471
eISBN: 9781611603118

Kasia From Honey Street

by Graham Pope

Poland—the eve of joining the European Union. A young woman, Kasia Baran, disappears and Komisarz Pawel Klusek is ordered to find her. But, Klusek harbors a dark secret that the search for her threatens to uncover. As a former member of the feared state security police, the Bezpieka, Klusek was involved in a cover up connected with the murder of another young woman, Ola Kalaman. The search now for this missing girl, in the very place that hides the other, is further escalated by Ola’s cousin seeking to expose that shadowy and raveled past to find out what happened to his cousin. Can Klusek find the missing Kasia before his crime is exposed?

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About the author Graham Pope

Graham Pope completed an MA in English and has taught English at the University of Canberra, was a Specially Appointed Associate Professor at Osaka University, and is currently with the Eastern International University in Vietnam. From 2003 to 2004 he taught in Poland where he found the inspiration for this work. In his spare time he takes photographs and loves exploring new places and cultures and the histories attached to...

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