ISBN: 9781681460864
eISBN: 9781603133654

Infitalis [Alien Genes Book 2]

by Petra Theunissen

Now on Krinis, the Algidan home planet, Cathy has to come to grips with being the Chosen One, as well as her growing powers. Her first task is to go to Infitalis, the City of the North, to enlist the help of their Council in the struggle for power between the Algidans and Antediluvians. But once there, she learns that she and her friends are trapped inside the mesmerising city unless she kills the city’s Consciousness. Reluctant to commit such a deed, her actions set into motion a chain reaction that will lead to civil war on Krinis and a shock revelation about the man she loves.

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About the author Petra Theunissen

Petra was born in the Netherlands, but spent her formative years in Germany and South Africa respectively. She now lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand (sometimes referred to as ‘Middle Earth’) where she teaches at AUT University. The unique backdrop provided by the ‘City of Sails’, with its volcanic cones and surrounding ocean, provides an inspirational and supportive setting for her science fiction and fantasy writing.

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