ISBN: 9781611605990
eISBN: 9781611606454

Edwina's Husband

by Agnes Alexander

To stop her uncle, Reverend Hezekiah D. Thorn from forcing her to give her sixteen month old son to a childless couple in his church, Edwina Thorn Singleton flees to New Mexico to find Wyatt Singleton, the father of her son and the man who she thinks is her legal husband. Wyatt had no idea that the pretty little woman he pretended to marry would show up and turn his life upside down, but show up she does. At first he tries to rid himself of her, but it isn’t long until the baby has captured his heart and soon after, he finds himself falling for Edwina, too. He is plotting to find a way to make their marriage legal without her ever knowing she’s been duped when things become more complicated. Not only does he have to deal with a woman who is determined to run Edwina off so she can marry him, squatters on his ranch and a murder someone is trying to pin on him, but the evil uncle shows up to force Edwina and the baby back to Virginia. Wyatt began to wonder if the fates have decided to forever keep him from becoming Edwina’s Husband.

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About the author Agnes Alexander

I have held many jobs in my lifetime, but have always considered writing my career. While in the business world, I managed to write and sell over 400 articles, poems and short stories for magazines and news paper. During this time, I toyed with writing novels, but those efforts are now tucked away in my files. In 1999 I started my first mystery novel. It was published in 2004 and...

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