ISBN: 9781611605211
eISBN: 9781611600810

Cosmo's Tale [Zany Old Geezer Tells All]

by Bennett Cole

“I’m gonna die,” screams Cosmo, a failed Navy parachute streaming behind him as his body hurtles earthward. Yet he survives. How?

Was his unlikely birth in an Italian farmer’s field in 1922 an omen of the untoward circumstances that would later characterize his life?

Ministered to in the critical moments of his life by a mysterious “spooky” lady, Cosmo stumbles through countless storms of life: forced to fight with the Italian Army in WW II against his fellow Americans, gut-wrenching failed romances, a daring escape from a Guatemalan jail, and more. In spite of it all, Cosmo experiences a meteoric rise through the ranks of corporate management.

Later, as a widower in his eighties and living on a coastal island, he miraculously survives a storm-of-the-century hurricane, and his spooky lady makes an incredibly peculiar final appearance.

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About the author Bennett Cole

A 1954 graduate of the University of Virginia, Bennett Cole served three years as a U.S. Navy officer aboard an aircraft carrier, then spent 35 years in teaching. Holding the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, he has taught at the University of Delaware, Virginia Tech, and Florida Southern College. He has published professional and inspirational articles and one short story. Married, the father of three daughters, and the grandfather of eight...

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