ISBN: 9781611605181
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Caution: Electrical Hazard

by Allen Watts

Clear weather on a beautiful summer day turns into a frighteningly huge storm.

Two lives are greatly affected; a washed up pro golfer and a National Guard pilot. They both are struck by lightning and suffer the same injuries and after effects. Bobby Thomas and Capt. Tony Burns each beat the odds and survive the deadly strike, but the storm super cell has created an electromagnetic pulse. It has chemically and magnetically altered their bodies on the sub atomic level giving them a telekinetic power that enables them both to move and control small objects.
A government agency, DARPA, wants to use their ‘gift’ for different reasons. Tony uncovers the plot and goes into hiding. Bobby wants to use his new found power to further a lost career, but a gambling debt catches up to him. Denied the fame and luxuries of her husband’s misspent youth, Sherry Thomas schemes to jump start her husband’s path to golfing stardom, at the same time eliminating his sordid past.
Together, Tony and Bobby form an uneasy alliance. Their lives change as they combine attributes to defeat those trying to use them for their own sinister means. A runaway division of the Defense Department, unsuspecting doctors and scientists, corrupt lawyers, gamblers and murder face them each step of the way.

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About the author Allen E. Watts 

Mr. Watts is a life-long resident of Michigan. He was born in Detroit, but raised in one of the suburbs. Educated in the Catholic school systems, he also attended Wayne State University. He is a recent retiree of General Motors, spending thirty plus years on both sides of the fence as an hourly and supervisory employee. Married, both he and his wife come from large families. They enjoy traveling in...

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