eISBN: 9781611605525

Borderland Barons

by Daniel Thompson

Young Luis Beltran strained under the load of the heavy bundle of marijuana strapped to his back as he ducked under the border fence at Naco, Mexico. He planned to head north, across the Arizona desert to deliver the contraband package and collect five thousand dollars as promised him. Luis had seen others earn streams of cash from the flood of drug trade cash flowing through his village. He intended to collect for this one delivery, and escape the poverty of the borderland with his mother and older sister. The journey Luis begins with his first step into Arizona propels him into unknown territory and unexpected future.

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About the author Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson was born in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1945. Following the lead of his grandmother he became absorbed in family history from the traces of information that she’d gathered over the years. Genealogy became a passion. It lead to years of research and learning the issues of the times and places of my Scotch-Irish ancestors. In 2001 he turned to writing historic fiction and contemporary crime. Borderland War was published...

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