ISBN: 9781593749309
eISBN: 9781593749316

Albert's Rain [The Travis Pass Series Book 5]

by Annette Snyder

Albert’s dream led him toward independence. Escaping slavery, and to pursue a life where no man controlled him, was his goal. Frivolities of friendships could vanish with the whip of a switch, but freedom could be held a lifetime.

Rayna’s choice was to set an example and board a ship so her people could survive. Only after arrival in America, at Bristol Plantation, did she realize what consequences her sacrifice held. Her surrender meant life as a slave and separation from her island family.

Can Albert’s heart transcend language and barriers of repression and allow Rayna close? Will Rayna put aside hurt caused by the plantation owner and permit Albert’s love to heal her heart? Can the pair abandon mistrust and let the kindness of strangers be their salvation?

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About the author Annette Snyder

After a short stint at life in big cities, my husband and I purchased my Great-Grandfather's house and moved to Brainard, Nebraska where I grew up. I've been a cook most of my life, have four kids, three grandkids, two dogs, and two cats. I have always loved writing though I didn't seriously enjoy my craft until my kids got older. It was then that I traded my diaper changing,...

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