Release Date: November 29, 2016
eISBN: 9781682999875

The Corporate Bitch

by J.J.R

The Corporate World can be a vicious and cutthroat place. Melanie Michaels feels ready for anything when she is offered her dream job working for a major corporation in Manhattan. She is enamored by the six inch heels, designer bags and brilliant co-workers surrounding her. She works day and night to prove she deserves to be there. She loses sight of her fiancé, friends and everything that matters to belong.

A few months in, a switch is flicked and she finds herself the target of some vindictive corporate bullying. Strike after strike seem to hit her for no apparent reason, other than her recent marketing success. In an effort to salvage her career, she grows close to a few and devises a strategy to reveal the internal evil plan. She finds herself, despite her best efforts, plotting and manipulating right along with the best of them until the moment of truth.


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