Trina M. Ward

I was born and raised in Panama City and truly believe in the things that most fear to talk about. I write within the subjects that speak to me. I love to be scared at a movie and try to give the same feeling in my books. Even though it is me writing, I can’t take all the credit because the truth of the matter is my father first told me about “the creature” when I was a teenager. He truly believed he saw something in the area surrounding Sandy Creek. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was but I could tell it was more than he could explain. When I set out to accomplish something I usually achieve it and I am saying that without a “cocky” tone. I am very driven and want to excel to the fullest. I try to put forth a story in which I would want to read. I hope all who read my books feel a sense of entertainment has been provided. Enjoy the ride.