Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson was born in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1945. Following the lead of his grandmother he became absorbed in family history from the traces of information that she’d gathered over the years. Genealogy became a passion. It lead to years of research and learning the issues of the times and places of my Scotch-Irish ancestors.
In 2001 he turned to writing historic fiction and contemporary crime. Borderland War was published in 2011, along with Rich Man’s War - Poor Man’s Fight. He began the Borderland Beat Series in 2012, completing Borderland Barons for Whiskey Creek Press. This timely depiction of the ongoing and tragic calamity occuring along our southern border and the tourist destinations deep inside Mexico is a telling vision of the devastation of a Mexican economy driven by drug trafficking.
Daniel is an Illinois native, a 1972 graduate of Southern Illinois University, English/History programs, a Viet Nam Veteran of 1967-68 and a retired airline operations manager.
He lives with his wife Jean in Kimberling City, Missouri, on beautiful Table Rock Lake.