Diane Story 


I grew up in a small rustic mountain community in the beautiful California Sierras. I have eight sisters and one brother. My love of romance novels started early on. And I always thought it was a wonderful gift, to lose myself in someone else’s version of life and love. And it was then that I knew that I would one day help transport someone else into a world of love and romance.

Nearly thirty two years, one husband, two kids and four grandbabies later, I finally sat down to my laptop and started writing. My first manuscript still sits in a drawer unfinished, but it was the learning experience I needed to get me going. One day I’ll finish it. My second and third manuscripts were done within my first year of writing. The Overlanders Bride and Bewitching My Love were the result. Both manuscripts soon gained acceptance by my publisher ”Whiskey Creek Press” And in September of 2010, my third book “Desperate Hearts” is also scheduled for release with Whiskey Creek Press.

My current projects are both paranormal romance novels. “Crystal Dreams” is now complete at aprox 77,000 words. And “A Pharaoh’s Kiss”” is in the works. Both of which I will be seeking representation.

After attending college in California in the early 80’s I began a long career working in Medical Insurance. And now, after what seems a lifetime, I’m able to work on my goal as a romance novelist. My road to romance started in the 70’s, but my dream became a reality in the new millennium.

I am a member of the Romance Writers of America, and my local chapter.
And yes, Diane Story is my real name.