Jeffery Sergent


I live in a small town tucked away in the hills of southeastern Kentucky. My lovely wife Kim and my equally lovely daughter Arwen keep me company there. We all love to watch cartoons—especially Phineas & Ferb—go to concerts—particularly Blackmore’s Night—and attend science fiction conventions—primarily anywhere within driving distance. For nineteen years, I’ve taught English at the local high school. For thirty-plus years, I’ve been a reading science fiction and fantasy—from Asimov to Zelazny—so I thought I’d give writing it a try. It’s definitely a lot easier to read.

I’ve had a handful of short stories appear in various publications, including “The Prowler in the Darkness” in Lost Worlds, and “The Dragon” in Alienskin. I write for the website Nerdbloggers, and I’m also the editor-in-chief and a regular contributor to Letcher County Central High School’s SF&F fanzine Fantasm.