Robert G. Rogers 


The ultimate boot-strap success story, Rogers was born and raised with the red clay of Mississippi underneath his bare feet. Although underage, Rogers enlisted in the U.S. Army almost before the ink on his high school diploma was dry. His tour of duty took him to the Orient, where he worked in an intelligence-gathering capacity with the Army.
After his military discharge, Rogers used the G.I. Bill to put himself through college. He graduated from Mississippi State with a degree in electrical engineering and thereafter moved to California to work in the Aerospace industry. He attended law school at USC, graduating with honors. Rogers worked as an attorney for Rockwell International but later began his own firm. Rogers subsequently passed the NY Bar, and went on to earn an LLM from Tulane, studying taxation and real estate.
Afterwards, he worked for lenders, the SBA and the FDIC, handling conflicts much like the ones Bishop Bone takes on in his murder mysteries. During book breaks, he handcrafts wooden bowls, mangles a guitar and plays tennis. Rogers is currently a resident of La Jolla, CA.