Frederick T. Krause


Fred Krause is forty four years old. He resides in Mesa Arizona. He is a Water Quality and Natural Gas Specialist and is employed by the City of Mesa. He is train in the field of Fire and Arson Investigation. He was born in Ottawa Illinois. Fred grew up in a military household, the son of Charles and Caroline Krause. He lived in England for part of his childhood, and by the time his father retired he had spent time in several states in the eastern half of America. He graduated from high school in nineteen seventy nine and left Illinois to settle down in Arizona. He worked for the U.S.D.A for seven years. During this time he met and married his wife Dawn. They now have two sons, Steven and Adam He always had a desire to write fiction and decided to pursue his dream. Unmoving-Unseen is his first book, but not his last.